Inspiration is for amateurs. Keep creating.

After years of dreaming about it, I finally had the opportunity to go to Japan last May. 

I had quite the struggle deciding if I should bring a bunch of gear and make an awesome travel video or just keep it simple and just take photos with my phone so I can actually enjoy the trip.

After weighting out the options I decided to purchase a small "point-and-shoot" camera with all manual settings and not stress about carrying gear and changing lenses.

On my way to the airport I decided to start shooting little snippets of my trip and as my plane took off and the seatbelt signal turned off, I wiped out my laptop and started editing what I had just shot.

I finished the video the first night in Japan, called it "Japan 1", uploaded it and realized what I had just gotten myself into. I said to myself "Japan 1 on the first day? that means there has to be a Japan 2 on the second day!"

I thought this would be a daunting task. Shoot every day, edit every night for 2 weeks!

At the same time I thought "If I don't do this, all the footage I shoot will end up in a hard drive unedited for a long time"

I decided to go for it and make a daily video no matter what.


I decided to keep creating.



My two constraints for this video were:

  • It has to be 15 seconds long, so it can be uploaded to Instagram
  • I can't  spend more than 2 hours editing, sound designing, colour correcting and exporting.


Long story short, I spent most of my nights in Japan editing while everyone else in the room was sleeping. 

I managed to upload 11 videos while I was in Japan, because some days I simply couldn't get a video finished on time.

I still have a lot of footage and am currently editing more of these 15 second videos.

For all you gear heads, this is what I used to make the videos:

Camera: Panasonic LX100, shot at 1080p 60fps

Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015

Sound: A lot of the sound came from (Make sure to donate so they can stay alive!)


That's it folks, here's the videos, hope you like them.